Helsinki Ballet Academy!

New season start 15.8.2016 Welcome all new students!


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Summer intensive course at Lappeenranta 18.7-23.7.2016 Adult, children and pre-professionals dancers!

Classical ballet class with repertuar. character dance. Somatic pilates. Body condition.

 Accommodation at Ballet school. Breakfast and diner. served just beside "Kehruuhuone" restaurant. Wonderful atmosphere and beautiful place to spend your vacation.

Take bus with dancers from Helsinki to LPR city and back. 275km 3hour. 20€


Adult ballet for everyone! Beginners new ballet classes and advance ballet! we start 15.8.2016

Studios : Rahakamarintori 3 A 00240 Länsi-Pasila. Helsinki.

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Helsinki Ballet Academy offers upscaled/high leveled classical ballet education for children, young people and adults. The education is suited for amateurs, people aiming for the dance profession and professionals.
The speciality of the school is rehearsing variations, meaning that the students get to rehearse solo sections of world famous ballets and smaller group dances in its entirety.

Étoile dancer Juha Kirjonen who graduated from the Vaganova-academy in St Petersburg works as the head teacher of the school. Teacher: Boris Jakolevits Bregvadze.
He has worked and performed in leading ballet companies around the world and was promoted to étoile dancer at the Finnish National Ballet in 2011. In the same year he was granted the medal of the Finnish White Rose order of knighthood by the President of Finland Tarja Halonen for his long time service in Finnish cultural life.

Helsinki Ballet Academy offers

Innovative Ballet Master Class exclusively offers its participants courses that are run by highly qualified Ballet teachers, Dance pedagogues and jury members of International competitions.

Candidates will benefit from the professional experience of the team, receiving competent and in-depth training to prepare them for international competitions such as the Prix de Lausanne, Ballet competition Jackson, Varna or Helsinki.

Place: Rahakamarintori 3 A 00240 Helsinki (Länsi-Pasila)

Childrens/ professionals/ Adult/ intensive classes.

A system of expressive single elements, which is based on the careful development of different types of movements, such as positions of the feet, hands, body and head. In Classical Ballet class only the purist form can be trained. After all, art comes from "Good Base"

- Ballet Class (Training)
- Pointe Class
- Pas de deux Class (Technique & Methodic)
- Intensive Ballet Class (Technique)

-Flamenco class (Technique)

Welcome and enjoy life of dance.Remember to have your own insurance in case of accident, we have it too :)

Ballet academy are not taking any responsibility of any kind of accident! so take care of your own insurance.

We will help you to find good doctor or medical help.

It's never too late to learn ballet. Adult ballet is a great way to get into shape and learn something new.
Have you always dreamed of taking ballet classes but now feel like it's too late? Do you feel like you are too old to get into a leotard and ballet slippers? Although professional ballerinas start at an early age, it's never too late to learn ballet. Adult ballet classes offer a fun way to tone and tighten your body while learning the fundamental techniques of ballet.

If you have never danced before, a beginners class would be perfect for you. Beginner classes start off at the very first steps of ballet, so there is no reason to be intimidated. If you are a former dancer and want to return to ballet after several years, you will be placed in a class depending on your fitness and skill level.

Taking part in an adult ballet class is good for your body as well as your mind. Besides promoting cardiovascular fitness and good posture, ballet is very enjoyable by people of all ages. Follow your passion and try a ballet class.
If you feel uncomfortable wearing tights and a leotard, simply wear a T-shirt and sweatpants. Make sure you wear something that allows you to move freely. Welcome to Helsinki Ballet Academy :)

Best regards

Juha Kirjonen Artistic director


NEW STUDIO again ! welcome :) Studio Kirjonen

Studio Pavlova:


Studio Barre:                                                    Studio Nurre:



                                                                       16:45-17:30 preballet 5-6years            CM

16:15-17:45 EK 3 ballet class


16:45-17:45 pre -EK                              AL                   17:35-18:20 preballet 5-6years                  CM

17:45-18:30 EK 3 repertuar


17:45-18:45    7-9 years  ballet                 AL

18:30-20:15 Adult ballet class/ point shoes







Tiistai- Tuesday





16:15-17:45  EK-2 ballet class              AT                16:00-17:30 EK -1 ballet class     LK

16:15-17:45 EK -3 ballet


17:45-18:130 EK-2 repertuaar               AT

17:45-18:30 EK 3 ballet repertuar


18:30-20:00 adult ballet middle level    AT

18:30-20:15 Adult ballet class/ point shoes








9:00-10:30 morning class               JK         

16:00-17:30 EK -3 ballet class


16:00-17:30 EK 1 ballet class                     LK                   17:00-17:45 preballet 5-6 years    CM

17:30-19:00 EK -3 ballet repertuar


17:30-17:45 EK-1 Point shoes class           LK                17:45-18:45 pre-EK ballet               AL

19:00-20:00 adult point shoes class


17:50-18:50 ballet 7-9 years                       AT



19:00- 20:00 Adult beginners 1.              AT

Torstai- Thursday





16:00-17:30 EK 3 ballet class                     JK

16:00-17:15 EK 1 Body care ballet


17:30-18:30 EK-3 repertuar                       JK

17:15-18:45 EK-2 repertuar


18:30-20:15 adult ballet / point                JK.     18:45-19:45 Flamenco                               LV


9:00-10:30 morning class



16:15-17:45 EK 3 ballet class


16:00-17:30 EK 1 ballet class                 LK

17:45-18:15  EK 3 ballet class


17:30-17:45  EK 1 point class                 LK

18:15-19:45 EK 2 repertuar


17:45- 18:45 Pre ek ballet class             AT



18:45-20:00 Adult ballet beginners    AT

Lauantai- Saturday



9:30-11:00 EK 1 ballet class


9:30-10:30 beginner children 7-9 years  AL

11:00-11:30 EK 1 repertuar


10:30-11:45 12-14 years                       AL

11:30-13:00 EK 2 ballet class


11:45-13:00 Pre- EK ballet class             AL

13:00-13:45   EK 2  repertuar



13:45-15:15 Adult ballet middle level



15:30-16:30 Adult ballet beginners                  AT


EK2-3 saturday Aleksanterin teatteri

Saturdays EK at Aleksander Theatre



Iso balettisali:



16:00-17:30 EK 2-3 ballet class



17:30-18:30 EK 2-3 repertuar



Sunday :) personal solo ballet classes.


Koko koulu / normaalit ryhmät: Holidays for students:

23.12. - 27.12. Joululoma (aikuiset)

23.12. - 6.1. Joululoma (lapset ja teinit)

31.12. - 1.1. Uuden vuoden loma (new year )

6.1. Loppiainen

24. - 28.2. Hiihtoloma (vain lapset ja teinit).

25. - 28.3. Pääsiäisloma (kaikki) easter holiday

4.6. Kesäloma alkaa summer holiday (will be adult ballet 3x week)


Pre -EK ja EK -opiskelijat:

21.12. - 6.1. Joululoma

22. - 28.2. Hiihtoloma

25. - 28.3. Pääsiäisloma

30.4. Wappuloma

4.6. Kesäloma alkaa

Please remember to write to us your participation Email:


Helsinki Ballet Academy Price list: 


45 min. class:                                 

1x week        55e/ month    

2x week        87e/month


60 min. class:

1x week        60e/ month

2x60 min      98e/m

3x60 min      136e/m

4x60 min      172e/m


75 min. class:

1x week       68e/ month

2x75 min      108e/m

3x75 min      148e/m

4x75 min      187e/m


90 min. class:

1x week       72e/ month

2x90 min     117e/m

3x90 min     162e/m

4x90 min     206e/m

5x90 min     248e/m


Intensive éducation : 1500 euro autumn and spring season.

ANYTIME cart: 210€ you can take all our adult ballet classes! ask for more information.


We have personal class for one hour "60min" 125 euro. There we work intensive ballet exersice with optional solo.


10x cart- 180euroa (valid for 2 month)


Single ballet class / test class 90min: 25 euro. 60min: 20€


Helsinki Ballet Academy bank account: FI5657800720411912


Best regards Juha Kirjonen

Artistic director